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Laundry Solutions Australia are the importer and distributor of the premium range of IPSO Laundry Equipment and have been helping businesses with their laundry equipment needs for over 30 years.

The IPSO range of products are built by the largest producer of Industrial Washing Machines & Dryers in the world.

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Coin Laundries
Coin Laundries
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Grantville Laundromat

February 26, 2019
A brand new Coin Laundry has opened its doors in Grantville, Victoria! With the latest range of Premium IPSO Industrial Laundry Equipment fitted, Grantville Laundromat offers the best laundry services on the Bass Coast. Grantville Laundromat is located at 1524 Bass Hwy, Grantville VIC 3984. 

Purple Bubble – Heidelberg West Coin Laundry

February 25, 2019
Purple Bubble has opened its doors to the residents of Heidelberg West! Fitout with premium IPSO Industrial Vended Laundry Equipment, Purple Bubble is capable of handling your largest loads of laundry. With huge 18kg Washing Machines available, you can get up to 4 baskets of washing done in just 30 mins! Purple Bubble is located at 1 Moresby Court, Heidelberg West VIC 3081.

Preston Coin Laundry

February 25, 2019
Preston Coin Laundry is the newest Laundromat to choose IPSO Vended Laundry Equipment for its premium fit-out. Now open to the public, Preston Coin Laundry features 8 IPSO Industrial Vended Washing Machines and 6 IPSO Industrial Vended Stacked Dryers. Free WiFi and a TV are also available on-premise to keep you entertained while you wait for your laundry. Preston Coin Laundry is located at 156A High St Preston VIC 3072. 

Croydon North Coin Laundry

February 25, 2019
A brand new laundromat has opened in Croydon North! Located at146 Maroondah Highway Croydon, the laundromat is set to have all Industrial IPSO Vended Equipment, making it the premium option for laundry in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

The Laundry Zone – Pascoe Vale Coin Laundry

November 29, 2018
A new coin laundry has just opened its doors in Pascoe Vale. The Laundry Zone is the latest facility to choose Laundry Solutions Australia as its laundry equipment provider. The large-sized laundromat boasts 8x IPSO Industrial Washing Machines and 6x IPSO Industrial Stacked Dryers, ensuring there are plenty of machines available at all times. The Laundry Zone is located at 450A Gaffney St, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044.

Hillside Coin Laundry

October 24, 2018
Hillside Coin Laundry is the newest IPSO Laundromat to open its doors in Melbourne’s north-west. The massive coin laundry is equipped with 12 Industrial Washers and 9 Industrial Stacked Dryers, meaning you will have no issues finding an available machine to get your laundry done! Hillside Coin Laundry is located at Shop 13, 49 – 69 Royal Cres Hillside VIC 3037.  

Kealba Coin Laundry

October 24, 2018
With the latest IPSO Industrial Vended Laundry Equipment installed, Kealba Coin Laundry is the newest laundromat to open in the North-West Suburbs of Melbourne. Boasting 9 Industrial Washers and 6 Industrial Stacked Dryers, Kealba Coin Laundry is the perfect spot to get all of your laundry done. With a huge 28kg Industrial Washer on site, you will be able to get your doonas, linen and towels washed in just a single load! Kealba Coin Laundry is located at 2 Stenson Rd, Kealba VIC 3021.  

Atomic – Oak Park Coin Laundry

August 24, 2018
A brand new IPSO coin laundry has opened its doors in Oak Park! With a sleek and modern design, Atomic Laundry boasts the latest industrial IPSO Coin Laundry Equipment. Featuring 10x IPSO Industrial Washing Machines and 8 IPSO Stacked Industrial Dryers, you will never get caught waiting for an available machine again! Atomic Laundry is located at 118 Snell Grove, Oak Park VIC 3046. Website: Atomic Laundry – Oak Park Coin Laundry Facebook: Atomic Laundry Australia

Hampton Park Coin Laundromat

May 16, 2018
With 8 IPSO Industrial Washing Machines and 5 IPSO Industrial Stacked Dryers, Hampton Park Coin Laundromat is the newest coin laundry to open in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne. The laundry is ideal for large loads of washing with 2x 18kg IPSO Industrial Washers available. Hampton Park Coin Laundromat is located at Shop 6/41-43 Kirkwood Cres, Hampton Park VIC 3976.  

Everlasting Laundry – Cranbourne West

April 3, 2018
Everlasting Laundry has opened its doors to the residents of Cranbourne West. The brand new laundromat boasts 9x IPSO Industrial Washing Machines, 5x IPSO Industrial Stacked Dryers and 1x 23kg IPSO Industrial Dryer. With machine sizes ranging from 8-18kg, you will be able to get all of your clothing and linen washed and dried at Everlasting Laundry. They even have a dog wash and pet-specific machines for your furry friends! Everlasting Laundry is located at 85 Everlasting Boulevard, Cranbourne West VIC 3977

Bayswater Coin Laundry

March 29, 2018
With brand new premium IPSO Industrial Washers and Dryers recently installed, Bayswater Coin Laundry is the best place to get all your laundry sorted. The new renovations will see customers get their weekly laundry loads done in just 1 hour with huge 18kg Washers and 21kg Dryers. Bayswater Coin Laundry is located at 610 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater VIC 3153.

Sunshine Coin Laundry

March 9, 2018
Sunshine Coin Laundry is the latest laundromat to open its doors. With brand new IPSO Vended Industrial Washing Machines and Dryers, Sunshine Coin Laundry is the ideal place to get a whole week’s worth of washing done. Sunshine Coin Laundry is located at 1 Foundry Rd, Sunshine VIC.

The Laundry Room – West Meadows Coin Laundry

February 1, 2018
The Laundry Room has opened its doors in West Meadows! With premium IPSO Vended Laundry Equipment fitted throughout, The Laundry Room is the perfect place to get your large laundry loads cleaned. There is also a dedicated Washer and Dryer to wash your blankets and bedding for your furry friends! The Laundry Room is located at 7/13 Fawkner St, Westmeadows VIC 3049.

Laundromat Express – Moonee Ponds Coin Laundry

December 13, 2017
Laundromat Express in Moonee Ponds is now open! With a whopping 10 IPSO Industrial Stacked Dryers and 12 IPSO Commercial and Industrial Washing Machines, you’ll always be able to find an available machine! Laundromat Express also has Tap and Pay functionality, so you don’t have to carry coins. Just simply use your card and pay for your tokens! Laundromat Express is located at 15 Hall St, Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039.

Cranbourne North Coin Laundry

November 16, 2017
There is a brand-new Coin Laundry that has just opened its doors in Cranbourne North! TLS Coin Laundry will free up your weekends with their huge 24kg IPSO Industrial washers! Get a whole week’s worth of washing done in just one load! Better yet, there’s a Woolworths right across the road, so you can get your grocery shopping out of the way too. The Lost Sock also has the ability for cashless payment options. Pay for a wash or dry with either a credit card or through PayPal right on your mobile phone! TLS Coin Laundry is located at Shop 25, 13 Linden Tree Way Cranbourne North.  

HK Coin Laundry – Carrum Downs

November 8, 2017
A brand new Coin Laundry has opened its doors in Carrum Downs! HK Coin Laundry is the latest laundromat to have the IPSO brand of Industrial Vended Washing Machines and Dryers, with the facility boasting large 20.4kg dryers and 18kg washers. HK Coin Laundry is located at Carrum Downs Shopping Centre, Mccormicks Rd and Ballarto Rd, Carrum Downs VIC 3201.

Wash World – St. Kilda Coin Laundry

September 5, 2017
Wash World Coin Laundry is now open! Featuring our premium IPSO Vended Laundry Equipment, Wash World is fitted with massive 18kg capacity washers and 21kg dryers, allowing you to wash your largest loads of laundry! You can find Wash World at 5 Inkerman St, St Kilda VIC 3182.

Michelle’s Laundry Station – East Bentleigh

July 19, 2017
There is a brand new Coin Laundry right in the heart of East Bentleigh! Our premium range of IPSO Coin Operated Industrial Equipment has been installed at Michelle’s Laundry Station. Boasting huge 18kg IPSO Washers and 6 Stacked Industrial Dryers, the latest laundromat in East Bentleigh is the perfect place to wash your largest loads of washing. Michelle’s Laundry Station is located at 161A Boundary Rd East Bentleigh VIC 3165.

Keeping Your Laundry OH&S Compliant

June 29, 2017
Keeping Your Laundry OH&S Compliant Reducing Hazards With Laundry Solutions Australia Trolleys

Showroom – Now Open

June 7, 2017
Our showroom in Hallam is now open! Located at Factory 25, 17-23 Keppel Drive, Hallam VIC, our showroom is the perfect place to experience our premium IPSO Vended Laundry Equipment and IPSO Commercial Laundry Equipment first hand. Our Laundry Consultants are here 5 days a week to offer expert advice and walk you through the planning process for your laundry.   Come visit us today at 25/17-23 Keppel Drive, Hallam VIC.

Trolley Replacement Program

May 15, 2017
  Laundry Solutions Australia is now offering a Trolley Replacement Program for your laundry! If your laundry is looking to upgrade or replace its existing trolleys, we are giving you more reasons to choose LSA as your trolley supplier. We are offering customers a rebate of $120 per trolley when opting to replace an existing non-LSA branded trolley. How it works: Tell us how many and what type of non-LSA branded laundry trolleys your facility is looking to replace. We will quote you on the cost for the replacement trolleys. (Note, replacement trolley must match the existing trolley in your facility. eg. Replacing a Linen Distribution Trolley for a Linen Distribution Trolley) We will deduct your total Trolley Replacement Rebate from the total order amount (eg. 3x Trade in Trolleys = -$360). Benefits of our Trolley Replacement Program: Get rewarded for replacing your old, broken trolleys Only have to deal with one supplier for spare parts/ trolley accessories 12-month warranty Australian made products All trolleys are made from high quality, hospital grade stainless steel Dealing with a trusted supplier among the Aged Care sector All trolleys meet OH&S guidelines Call us on 1300 666 289 now to find out more about our Trolley Replacement Program. Offer ends 31/12/17. Laundry Solutions Australia Trolleys View the full range here

The Washing Room – Malvern

January 31, 2017
Malvern has a brand new coin laundry and cafe! The Washing Room offers state of the art, self-service laundry facilities & a cafe serving great coffee & delicious snacks. With huge IPSO Washers and Dryers on-premise, The Washing Room is ideal for your largest loads of washing, including bed linen and towels. The Washing Room is located at 205 Darling Rd, East Malvern VIC 3145.

Moorabbin Station Coin Laundrette

January 23, 2017
There is a brand new coin laundry now open in the heart of Moorabbin! Equipped with 10kg, and 18kg IPSO Washers and huge 13.6kg and 20.4kg IPSO Stacked Dryers, the facility will be able to handle your largest loads of washing!  Moorabbin Station Coin Laundrette is located at 4 Station St Moorabbin VIC 3189.

Tumble and Dry – Glen Huntly

January 11, 2017
New year, new coin laundry! Residents in Glen Huntly will be pleased to know that Tumble and Dry Laundromat has opened their doors. Open from 6am – 10pm, customers will be able to utilise the premium IPSO Washers and Dryers on premise to clean and dry their largest loads of washing.  Tumble and Dry is located at 8 Royal Ave, Glen Huntly 3163.
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