Have you heard?

Ozone has been proven to eliminate COVID-19

In a recent white paper present on ozonedisinfection.com.au a study was done using ozone on coronavirus which had a 99.99% effective kill rate. Scroll down to learn more about how our EnviroSaver system uses ozone to keep your laundry clean from bacteria and viruses.

What is Envirosaver?

EnviroSaver is the Australian designed and manufactured Ozone Laundry Disinfection System from Laundry Solutions Australia.

It uses ozone in the cold wash cycle to disinfect the laundry to remove bacteria and viruses leaving it pathogen free.

In addition to it’s incredible disinfecting properties, Envirosaver has impressive saving capabilities and can save your facility up to $20,000 in gas, water and energy costs!

Envirosaver Ozone Install
Effect of ozone on bacteria

How does Envirosaver work?

1. Ozone is injected into the cold water wash cycle.*

2. As the ozone passes organic material such as bacteria and viruses, it strips them of electrons causing them to destabilise.

3. The pathogen breaks apart.

Envirosaver savings potential

Typical aged care facility example ($/month)

Since Envirosaver works by using Ozone in a cold water wash it replaces thermal disinfection by hot water washes. Without the use of hot water it means your business or facility can save on costs required to heat the water up.

The amount of savings available is different for each facility depending on the equipment and loads required.

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