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Aged Care

For over 35 years, Laundry Solutions Australia have been trusted by many of the largest aged care groups in Australia. The IPSO range of equipment is designed for longevity whilst also offering significant reductions in water usage and utility costs.

Man holding little puppy


While also looking after our furry friends, vets and veterinary practices can accumulate large amounts of laundry to keep their practices running. Depending on the size of the practice, we have a range of commercial and industrial equipment to keep your operations clean and healthy.

Woman receiving massage

Day Spa - Massage Therapy

Dirty towels are a constant for day spas and massage therapists and with dirty towels your salon will need reliable equipment that can efficiently separate oils and lotions to keep your towels fresh and clean ready to be used again. Our commercial washers and dryers with superior extraction capabilities will get the job done.

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Whether you operate a hotel, motel or restaurant our equipment is a perfect addition to your laundry. Built for reliability and longevity our washers and dryers will ensure minimal downtime and make doing laundry as simple as possible so you can focus on keeping your residents and customers happy.

Government building


Laundry Solutions Australia have been supplying and serving Australian Government Departments for many years. Our industrial & commercial quality washers & dryers are designed with reliability and longevity in mind, keeping your laundry running at full efficiency.

Miners in a cave


The mining industry is dirty business, and with that much dust, dirt and earth in clothing it is important to have super robust laundry machines to handle the removal of unwanted and foreign objects.