What is IPSO?

IPSO is a brand that originated in Belgium, now manufactured by Alliance Laundry Systems the largest manufacturer of laundry equipment in the world. Made to be incredibly efficient and highly reliable when compared to other machine brands.

IPSO machines have;

  • User friendly functionality able to go from fully loaded to active with minimal messing around.
  • Great energy and water saving capabilities
  • Heavy duty equipment, built for frequent day to day loads.

What is the warranty on IPSO laundry equipment?

All of our IPSO washers and dryers come with a 5 year warranty. That is 5 year parts and 1 years labour.

We like to be transparent with our warranty to give our customers and clients peace of mind that their equipment will be looked after in the unlikely event that they have any problems with their machine within the first 5 years of ownership.

Our warranty is 1 page and made to be easily understood, it can be viewed here.

If you have any questions about warranty on our products please call us on 1300666289

I don't know which machine is best for me, what do I do?

Call us on 1300 666 289 or email info@laundrysolutions.com.au, we will happily assist.

How is commercial laundry equipment different from domestic?

Commercial laundry equipment is designed to be used by businesses who do multiple larger loads of washing or drying every day. They are built to be robust and reliable as well as easy to be serviced should the need arise. In contrast domestic machines are not meant to handle the loads put through them by commercial businesses and will often require more frequent servicing and replacing, quite often ending up costing more than the commercial machines themselves.