Shipping Policy

As our products are large, we ship everything via pallets.

Pallets are delivered tailgate by a freight company, however some commercial and industrial equipment is delivered by us depending on the location of the customer.

For trolleys and accessories, if there isn’t enough equipment for a pallet then items will be shipped via Australia Post.

Shipping will vary depending on the products being delivered and the location they are going to with pricing being quite variant depending on the product category.

Our commercial equipment delivered within our delivery radius (around 70km) has fixed pricing and depends on the equipment being delivered.

We always aim to give the best pricing possible for shipping, if you can get a better freight cost than whats quoted we will work with you to use the freight option you supply.

Handling period can vary depending on the arrangement between the customer and us. Once the order is placed and payment processed we will contact you to arrange an ideal delivery date/time.

Similarly to above, the shipping period will depend on the agreed date/time between the customer and us if we are delivering it personally. If the product/s are being delivered by freight then shipping can be anywhere between 2-3 days once received by the freight company.

We have different restrictions based on the product being supplied;

For Commercial equipment we can only supply to Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.

For Trolleys and Accessories we can supply to anywhere in Australia.

For Industrial equipment, it is the same as commercial however if you are part of a group we can supply to other states.

If you are unsure whether we can supply to you, please call us on 1300 666 289.