IPSO 10KG CW10 Front Load Washer

IPSO 10KG CW10 Front Load Washer

  • Freestanding (no need to bolt down)
  • User friendly control panel
  • High speed spin (for dryer laundry)
  • Water efficiency (as little as 44.2 litres per wash)
  • Great Warranty

The new IPSO 10KG CW10 Commercial Washing Machine now offers a massive 10 KG capacity, whilst using only 44.2 litres of water per cycle.

If you’re looking for ergonomic loading and unloading of the machine a plinth is also available, view it by clicking HERE.

Perfect for: Student Accommodation and Housing, Hotels, Motels, Beauty Salon and Massage, Small Hospitals

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Additional information

Weight 118 kg
Dimensions 68.3 × 70.4 × 102.7 cm